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Earthware Sustainable Goods

At Earthware Sustainable Goods, our mission is to provide eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics and harsh chemicals, catering to Earth-Conscious People who believe “sustainability makes sense.”

Emily's Journey

With a passion for unearthing history, Emily has spent most of the last decade as a cultural resource management archaeologist. Whether she was volunteering at historic sites on the weekends or traveling to sites around the country, her goal of excavating the treasures of the past typically had one major obstacle, plastic waste.


                Emily’s travels had appropriated pieces of culture ranging from pre-contact lithics to colonial eras. Her accolades include 2017’s “Arch St. Bones” excavation and volunteering at Berks County’s “Mouns Jones” historical site. The inspiration to change her family’s lifestyle, eliminating single-use plastics, came firsthand after digging up a large quantity of modern waste.  


Like most people that research where their everyday products come from, Emily and her husband, Ian, became determined to substitute commercial products with homemade, natural recipes and detox their lifestyle. Earthware Sustainable Goods soon followed as demand for quality, all-natural, everyday items continue to grow.


For Everyone

Going eco-friendly is apolitical. Whether you are on a mission to eliminate plastics from you lifestyle or becoming aware of the harmful chemicals found in every day products, Earthware has the information to help you on your journey. 

Large brand corporations continue to stretch their profits by adding lab created surfactants, sodium laureth sulfate, and linear alcohol ethoxylate. The alternative is simple, natural, and is sourced from sustainable means.  


Reduce -Take a stand against single use plastics as convenience products


Reuse -Refill your containers and get maximum use from what you purchased


Repurpose – Don’t be so quick to throw out what you have. Everyday items can reused for everyday uses. Save money and time with a little creativity on finding multiple uses for your wares.


Recycle – Recycle responsibly. Aluminum has an amazing recycle rate. Less than 9% of plastics are legitimately recycled.

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