Dish soap block in tin

Dish soap block in tin

The best hand made dish soap block in 8 ounce tin! lavender scented. Small batch made. Cuts grease and great for hand washing pots, pans, dishes, anything! Non-rust tin.

Made with all natural products, palm free, petroleum free, and without harsh chemicals.

This is not your ordinary dish soap block, it’s better! A little bit goes a long way with its creamy cleansing base. It can clean anything from dishes to countertops and beyond. The smooth oils condition butcher block, bamboo and other wood cutting boards.

It’s important to know what we use as every day products. This zero waste dish soap block uses nothing but natural ingredients. We use some naturally sudsy components (castor oil and coconut oil) without the use of sodium laureth sulfate, which is used in a lot of big store name products for sudsing agent to let you feel like it’s working. You don’t need all those chemical sudsing agents in your soaps especially ones that are going on your dishes and back into your food to know it works! So, it’s minimal sudsing without harsh chemicals. Castor and coconut oils are also great to condition your skin!

Sisal hand scrub brush not included, but can be bought separately in our store. Also, check out our loofah and coconut scrubbies.

It’s also important that we choose products that won’t destroy our environment. This dish soap block formula is palm oil free so as not to aid in the destruction of the rainforest. We also use vegan and vegetable products and not petroleum based products as our base.


Vegetable glycerin

Lavender oil

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Citric acid

Sodium carbonate

Filtered water

*Does contain coconut. 

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