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Features & details:

Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Powder in 7.5 oz glass jar with bamboo lid and bamboo spoon.

Do not use metal to mix the clay. Clay reacts to the metal. Bamboo spoon is included.

ALL-NATURAL: Great for all skin and hair types- normally, oily, mature, sensitive, dry, combination. Always do a skin patch test prior to using any new skincare product.

BEAUTY NEEDS: Great for skin care routine such as mud masks, feet and bath soaks.

A PRODUCT OF USA: Bentonite clay is sourced in Wyoming, USA. 100% natural, vegan, no additives. Never tested on animals. Cosmetic Grade, do not eat. Sodium Bentonite is also used in industrial applications; however, ours meets FDA cosmetic standards and has been processed for cosmetic use.

Face Mask Clay

SKU: 100-200-806
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